Other Activities

The North Borneo Railway, established in 1914 on a line built in the late 1890s, has become a major tourism attraction close to Kota Kinabalu.  Operated as a joint venture between Sutera Harbour Resort and the Sabah State Railway Department, the railway takes visitors back in time on a steam train journey from Tanjung Aru near Kota Kinabalu to the agricultural town of Papar, 36 miles away.

Initially, the journey follows the coastline then passes through tropical jungle, past rice paddies, traditional trading towns, a mosque and Buddhist temple. The train runs twice weekly (Wednesday and Saturday) and the return trip takes four hours.

The Sutera Harbour Marina, established in 1998, is a hub for yachting and sailing in South East Asia. The deep-water marina is easily accessible and is protected year round from extreme weather conditions. Berthing services are available for short and long term rental.

North Borneo Yachting
Established in 2007, North Borneo Yachting is home to Kota Kinabalu’s premier luxury yacht charter service. The fleet of luxury vessels provide unrivalled fine dining experiences and sunset cruises for themed events or weddings and can be chartered for individual or group tours.

Diving, fishing and leisure trips are popular with guests who wish to experience the amazing views and enjoy their tropical holiday on board a luxury yacht.

Rasa Ria Nature Reserve
The Rasa Ria Nature Reserve, established in 1996 by Shangri-la Rasa Ria Resort in collaboration with the State Wildlife Department of Sabah, helps protect endangered species of fauna in Sabah as well as species that are endemic to Sabah.

Situated adjacent to the resort, the reserve and associated Nature Interpretation Centre is open to visitors who can see at first hand how Orang-utans and other species are being protected from human intervention.

Typically, young Orang-utans are brought into the reserve where they are fed and nurtured until they are able to fend for themselves, when they are released back into their natural habitat.